Gnome Applications In Menu Vanish

So I performed a full system a few weeks back and gnome was upgraded but something went wrong; I logged in and loads of stuff was broken (I ended up using XFCE). Thankfully another full system upgrade (up to gnome 2.2) fixed a lot of the issues but left me with one problem. There were no applications in the application menu on the gnome panel! ARGH!!!! After a hour or so of searching and messing around I realised that the problem hinged on a file, /etc/xdm/menu/ It turned out that the should also have been in ~/.config/menu. So I copied it and chown’ed it to my user and it all worked fine 🙂


cp /etc/xdm/menu/ ~/.config/menu && sudo chown $(whoami) ~/.config/menu/

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Zim – A Desktop Wiki

In the past couple of days I discovered Zim a new kind of wiki (still in beta) that can be used on the desktop. I tried it out and have decided to use it to write my school notes in for the next year (starting 4th sep). Continue reading

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I love rowing

It’s true, I love rowing, it’s fantastic. Just got out on the water today for the first time in about 2 months and it was bloody great. Got my technique going well again and shocked my coach a bit (it was bloody awful at the beginning).  I just need to get to work on the fitness side of things; although I might just leave it until winter training this year and get it going then. I think that I’ll be trying to get into the novice eight next year for when they go to tideway. If I can nail the whole fitness thing then I think I have a shot at being a good rower – I have been told before that I would make a very good one if I lost some weight.

Today was a beautiful day to be on the water, a nice strong current to be fighting against, a cooling breeze and a nice bright sun – the only real annoyance was the fishermen and their lines. I think that soon I’ll really be needing to lose some weight otherwise I won’t be able to go out in my single anymore :\.

I also think that I need to improve my fitness so that I can start winning some regattas so that I can use rowing as a leverage to get into Uni in a few years. Maybe I  should start now – summer hols – lots of free time.

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Teen LUG!

Well, Teen LUG is a go go! Zach (formerly of has setup the website for all you Teen Linux enthusiasts out there! Get onto it, populate it, test it, love it! Unlike, TeenLUG has more freedom to operate thanks to the admin Zach finding the hosting and buying the domain so the website isn’t under control of the evil macteens overlords! YAY for TeenLUG!

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Creating a GUI Application Using Glade and Ruby

Creating GTK based applications using Glade and Ruby is very easy indeed. Firstly, get yourself hold of a copy of Glade from somewhere, I used aptitude on my Ubuntu 7.04 desktop:

sudo aptitude install glade

I used aptitude because it gets the recommended files as well as the bare program. Fire Glade up and you should be greeted by 3 windows – one called the “palette” which contains many of the widgets which we will be using to put into the application, the “Properties” window which is where we handle labels and signals and the project manager. Continue reading

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Unleash the Inner Nerd

Well, I admit to the world – I AM A NERD; I love learning, the thought of learning something interesting really excites me and I love it. I love sitting around on my computer discussing nerdy stuff with my fellow nerds online on IRC, I love the stuff and the fact is that most of the time that I’m sitting around talking to them I’m checking the news or looking at some weird sciency or computerty thing. The one thing that I think really makes me nerdy is that I hate dumb and plastic people – I only like people who are nice to me or clever or both. I am a nerd. I always get high marks in every test that I do even if I don’t revise and it’s great! The fact is that I don’t want to be thin, attractive or rich – all I want is a few good friends, good food and knowledge.

The one thing that I don’t like about it though is how quick everyone is to put you down about it; get a question wrong “haha, Rob got it wrong”, someone beats you in a test (even if you’re shit at the subject) “haha, YES! I beat ROB! YES! HAHA!”. The sad fact is that these people want us to be dumb as hell and they don’t understand how we can enjoy the stuff that we do. A plastic came up to me yesterday in Physics and asked me for an answer to a question, I naturally told her where to get off and told her to go and learn something different to what she reads in exams – she replied with “at least I have a life”. The outstand fact is that I don’t want to have a life like hers, mines not bad.

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Seaweed – The fuel of our future

Well, I was going to write a boring thing about Wikipedia’s 11 meals of the day, but I thought of something much better! Seaweed! This brilliant and ingenious idea was developed as an argument in how we could help stem CO2 emmisions. The idea goes as follows:

  1. Make some kind of protected bed of them underneath the water (not too deep) and plant it – so that we can mass manufacture it easily.
  2. When the seaweed is ready, harvest! (no we’re not going to eat it). Seeing as how we planted this seaweed in protected beds, raise them to the surface and harvest it (like a real farm! just out to sea).
  3. Take back to land
  4. Distill the oil out of the seaweed (you know, lower it’s boiling point by using water or something)
  5. Yes, you have your oil now!

Stop importing oil now and grow your own! It’s carbon neutral (yes, it gives off as much as it takes in from the environment), It helps de-acidify the seas – takes excess CO2 out of them meaning more fragile life can continue living! and lets face it, it’s cool and could work out to be cheaper for us than that middle-eastern oil we import.

Go green! Go seaweed!

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