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PostgreSQL Stored Procedures With Dapper-Dot-Net in C#

This is just a quick post for anyone out there struggling to do something sensible in C# with the refcursor results that PostgreSQL functions are capable of returning. I’ve been playing around with pgSql today, trying to get it to work … Continue reading

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Moving Blogs

I’ve had enough of wordpress now and so I decided to move to blogger (the google service) and buy myself a nice domain name. I’ve got now so you can visit my blog there. WordPress wanted to charge me … Continue reading

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A Few Problems with School IT departments

I’d like to begin this post by saying that I have nothing against individual IT departments but I direct this post primarily at the whole of the school-focused IT industry; I do this because I feel that school IT departments … Continue reading

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The UK Government’s Agressive Advertising Campaign

More than ever now you see and hear benefit fraud adverts on the TV and on the radio warning people about Benefit fraud. Every day on my bus to school I see an advert giving me a number to call … Continue reading

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Well, It appears that I haven’t posted a blog post in a while so I’ll just post an update since I last posted :).

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Programmer Sex

So…. I’m sitting around in #teenlug ( and I decide that I want to piss fophillips off :)… so I strike up a conversation about how stupidly laborious C is as compared to Ruby and it suddenly strikes me! Programming … Continue reading

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Zim – A Desktop Wiki

In the past couple of days I discovered Zim a new kind of wiki (still in beta) that can be used on the desktop. I tried it out and have decided to use it to write my school notes in … Continue reading

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