The UK Government’s Agressive Advertising Campaign

More than ever now you see and hear benefit fraud adverts on the TV and on the radio warning people about Benefit fraud. Every day on my bus to school I see an advert giving me a number to call to inform the Government about any ‘benefit cheats’ that I know of and it seems like a campaign of terror by the government to stop people who they consider to be ‘benefit fraudsters’.

Quite honestly the key point in history that this seems to come parallel to is the Nazi government’s campaign of using children, anyone really as ‘blocklighters’ to spy on everyone, even their parents to inform the Gestapo (the secret police) of who to take under the cover of darkness away to concentration camps.

Quite honestly I don’t see that much of a leap from the Government’s rather agressive campaign against Benefit fraud and the current government advert, that I am right at this minute listening to, threatening employers with a £10,000 fine per illegally employed worker with the catch phrase “Don’t end up as illegal as them”.

It’s time to stop, this isn’t right; sure people ‘stealing’ money by incorrectly claiming benefits is wrong but the way in which the UK Government is going about it is entirely incorrect. Stop threatening and start doing; local people being caught for illegally employing immigrants or cheating the benefit system is going to make more of an impression on the people doing it (those with an ear to the ground) than broadcasting needless adverts on public radio and TV.

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One Response to The UK Government’s Agressive Advertising Campaign

  1. Richard says:

    It’s the paranoia about terrorism and paedophiles that also hits. I really noticed the terrorism paranoia in London with posters asking you to report anyone looking suspicious.

    I’d not look forward to the day that thoughtcrime becomes a terrorist act.

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