German Exchange

Well, the German exchange looms closer than ever now for me, I leave on Wednesday flying from Birmingham to Dusseldorf and then going on to Bochum. I think I might die on it because it seems that we’re constantly doing so much…

Wednesday: Get up at 4AM, go to Birmingham by train, go by plane to Dusseldorf and then by train to Bochum. Meet host families and listen to a really long (most probably boring) speech. Then we’re going on to see a musical; “Starlight Express” – I’ve heard it’s good but it’s 3 hours long and finshed at 21:30 – I think I might fall asleep in the middle of it. That’ll probably be atleast an 18 hour day at least :/.

Thursday: We’re going to Cologne (Koln) and going on a tour of the cathedrals and museums.

Friday: Following our exchange partners around school for the day and perhaps going to Hattingen

Saturday: Going to a football match – VfL Bochum vs. FC Bayern Munich

Sunday: Whatever the host family wants me to do

Monday: Following exchange partners around school and bowling in the evening

Tuesday: Following exchange parners around school again and then going home on the train and then plane and then train again 🙂

I am going to die!

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