Zim – A Desktop Wiki

In the past couple of days I discovered Zim a new kind of wiki (still in beta) that can be used on the desktop. I tried it out and have decided to use it to write my school notes in for the next year (starting 4th sep).

Zim Screenshot

Its GUI is easy to use and has lots of nice easy and simple keyboard shortcuts to use to get things done speedily. It stores the data in wikicode in a nice .txt file.

Zim also has an exporter so that you can output the wikicode into HTML. It has both a GUI exporter (File -> Export) and a CLI exporter.

zim --export dir=/output/dir,format=html,media=copy /location/to/wiki/root Wikiname;
So, my code:

zim --export dir=/mnt/phone/wiki,format=html,media=copy ~/wiki School;

That means that I can copy all my school notes from my wiki to my phone in one easy shell script. I’ll be able to surf my whole years notes (including images) anywhere. No more forgetting notes before tests!

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