I love rowing

It’s true, I love rowing, it’s fantastic. Just got out on the water today for the first time in about 2 months and it was bloody great. Got my technique going well again and shocked my coach a bit (it was bloody awful at the beginning).  I just need to get to work on the fitness side of things; although I might just leave it until winter training this year and get it going then. I think that I’ll be trying to get into the novice eight next year for when they go to tideway. If I can nail the whole fitness thing then I think I have a shot at being a good rower – I have been told before that I would make a very good one if I lost some weight.

Today was a beautiful day to be on the water, a nice strong current to be fighting against, a cooling breeze and a nice bright sun – the only real annoyance was the fishermen and their lines. I think that soon I’ll really be needing to lose some weight otherwise I won’t be able to go out in my single anymore :\.

I also think that I need to improve my fitness so that I can start winning some regattas so that I can use rowing as a leverage to get into Uni in a few years. Maybe I  should start now – summer hols – lots of free time.

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