Teen LUG!

Well, Teen LUG is a go go! Zach (formerly of linuxteens.com) has setup the website TeenLUG.com for all you Teen Linux enthusiasts out there! Get onto it, populate it, test it, love it! Unlike linuxteens.com, TeenLUG has more freedom to operate thanks to the admin Zach finding the hosting and buying the domain so the website isn’t under control of the evil macteens overlords! YAY for TeenLUG!

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5 Responses to Teen LUG!

  1. Aaron T, says:

    Most of us are not evil. 😛

    I was once the chief patron for LT, the one who kept reminding the MT staff about it. I’m still on that same staff.

    Anyway, good luck with teenLUG, I’ll be there 🙂

  2. shedtroll says:



  3. sehwoo says:

    haha only “most”?

  4. nice link, thanx for that one!

  5. Me says:

    I play ROBLOX! as P1Skier in the whimsical game ROBLOX

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