Unleash the Inner Nerd

Well, I admit to the world – I AM A NERD; I love learning, the thought of learning something interesting really excites me and I love it. I love sitting around on my computer discussing nerdy stuff with my fellow nerds online on IRC, I love the stuff and the fact is that most of the time that I’m sitting around talking to them I’m checking the news or looking at some weird sciency or computerty thing. The one thing that I think really makes me nerdy is that I hate dumb and plastic people – I only like people who are nice to me or clever or both. I am a nerd. I always get high marks in every test that I do even if I don’t revise and it’s great! The fact is that I don’t want to be thin, attractive or rich – all I want is a few good friends, good food and knowledge.

The one thing that I don’t like about it though is how quick everyone is to put you down about it; get a question wrong “haha, Rob got it wrong”, someone beats you in a test (even if you’re shit at the subject) “haha, YES! I beat ROB! YES! HAHA!”. The sad fact is that these people want us to be dumb as hell and they don’t understand how we can enjoy the stuff that we do. A plastic came up to me yesterday in Physics and asked me for an answer to a question, I naturally told her where to get off and told her to go and learn something different to what she reads in exams – she replied with “at least I have a life”. The outstand fact is that I don’t want to have a life like hers, mines not bad.

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7 Responses to Unleash the Inner Nerd

  1. I have the same problem!

  2. nlindblad is a nerd

  3. Fophillips says:

    Niklas, you are nerd.

  4. Aodh Ó Neachtain says:

    At least you can admit it, ulike SOMEONE I know.

  5. Binary says:

    Everything in that post is very very true 🙂

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