Seaweed – The fuel of our future

Well, I was going to write a boring thing about Wikipedia’s 11 meals of the day, but I thought of something much better! Seaweed! This brilliant and ingenious idea was developed as an argument in how we could help stem CO2 emmisions. The idea goes as follows:

  1. Make some kind of protected bed of them underneath the water (not too deep) and plant it – so that we can mass manufacture it easily.
  2. When the seaweed is ready, harvest! (no we’re not going to eat it). Seeing as how we planted this seaweed in protected beds, raise them to the surface and harvest it (like a real farm! just out to sea).
  3. Take back to land
  4. Distill the oil out of the seaweed (you know, lower it’s boiling point by using water or something)
  5. Yes, you have your oil now!

Stop importing oil now and grow your own! It’s carbon neutral (yes, it gives off as much as it takes in from the environment), It helps de-acidify the seas – takes excess CO2 out of them meaning more fragile life can continue living! and lets face it, it’s cool and could work out to be cheaper for us than that middle-eastern oil we import.

Go green! Go seaweed!

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8 Responses to Seaweed – The fuel of our future

  1. Fophillips says:

    I have never heard such nonsense in my life!

  2. xrob says:

    Just because I outsmarted you Fophillips! You don’t know what you’re on about ;P

  3. rbs-tito says:

    What tripe! Utter codswallop!

  4. Fophillips says:

    You cannot build seafaring, sentient, oil bearing carrots.

  5. xrob says:

    Fophillips, it’s seaweed now, not carrots! keep up!

  6. luke_r says:

    Get with the times! Everyone knows coal is the future….

  7. Fophillips says:

    x_linda, I hardly think the type of plant is relevant.

  8. shedtroll says:

    Actually, Seaweed has good potental. We have tons of it and it has the right chemicals….

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