ReactOS – The Windows Clone

Soooooo…. im on my comp one day and decide to find out what all this fuss about virtualisation is… so i downloaded VMWare and played about with it for abit. I downloaded this strange “Virtual Server” or something along the lines of that called ReactOS; the little description bit caught my eye as it said compatible with Windows programs and device drivers. I decided to download the small <70MB image of it.

I booted the image up in vmware and was pleasently surprised. The desktop was very clean with only two icons on it: a “My Computer” icon and a “Command Prompt” icon. I explored the start menu and soon found a nice little icon to download FireFox – i delved straight in and downloaded the windows .exe file and installed it relatively painlessly. I started FireFox and started at what i found… a BSOD (Blue Screen Of Death).

ReactOS -> BSOD

I rebooted the VMWare application and finaly got FireFox to work…

ReactOS -> ReactOS Internet Web Browser

Slashdot rendered nicely if abit squashed in the low resoultion. FireFox keeps crashing in the buggy environment of ReactOS so i decided to try their own browser… it rendered BBC News well if a little astranged.

ReactOS -> FireFox

I gave up on trying to get the browsers to work and left ReactOS for a few hours whilst i went rowing to see if any random errors would come up while i was away.. they didnt… seems not many background services are running on this at the moment… still what could you expect from Alpha software. Next i tryed running the Command Prompt and My Computer applications… My Computer worked well but Command prompt worked very laggedly and was slow to come up with the results of my dir (ls for all you linux geeks out there) command – this may have been becuase i was running it in VMWare and the slowness of my laptop or buggyness of the OS – i think its a combination of the two myself.

I also tried a few other thing such as entering of Control Panel and such which i will post screenshots of at the end.

So the question bugging me now: would i use ReactOS as my replacement to the windows OS?

No, not at thee moment is my answer. ReactOS is very buggy at the moment and struggles when running even the most basic of applications – also there is no support for NTFS filesystems. When ReactOS is properly finshed off then i would most likely use ReactOS… it could be a viable contender to the Windows operating system. Once things such as NTFS and .Net support are built in and all the major Bugs are sorted out then i would be proud to install it on a partition right next to Linux.

I would like to finish saying well done to the ReactOS developers so far and good luck in the future making the OS finished.

Here are those other screenshots:

ReactOS -> Network PropertiesReactOS -> Terminal + ExplorerReactOS -> Control Panel

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One Response to ReactOS – The Windows Clone

  1. cillian64 says:

    Firstly, you might want to link to the full versions of your screenshots, I had to edit the URL :/. Second, I tried reactos a while ago in qemu or bochs, I think, and it worked very nicely. Not quite a windows replacement yet, but a nice lightweight alternative if your programs work on it.

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