Hey out there… my name’s Rob and I’m new to this blogging thing really so i’m sorry if i bore you with my posts – all i hope to do is have a rant and rave about random things really.

Things That I Like

Rowing [well sculling actualy]

Programming [ I like to program in PHP, Perl and C++ Mostly – I also do HTML & JavaScript]

Music [I LOVE music.. ROCK music that is – i listen to Kerrang radio as much as i can really and i almost alwas carry my iPod mini everwhere with me]

Linux [I use Ubuntu – mainly because i installed it and i finaly managed to get my WiFi working {with ndiswrapper} on it so i cnt b arsed to change it to something better like Suse… i might get it one day though]

Thins I DON’T Like

Windows [It’s really anoying – the high price combined with the uselessness of it and then on top of it all the BUGS and HACKS and SECURITY ISSUES. I MUCH prefer Linux – mainly because i can confiure it exactly the way that i want it =)]

Thats more of less it…


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One Response to Hi!

  1. cillian64 says:

    Ello ello ello. Just thought I’d pollute your blog with my garbage. 😛

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